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If there is anything exciting enough to keep the ... from ..., it has yet to be discovered.

too many cooks spoil the broth

I tried to reduce my mind to working order

Beyond the realization that I was in the tightest corner of my life, I seemed to have lost the power of thought.

Have it your own way.

We are both in glass houses. Don't let us throw stones.

I do not know exactly what I expected him to do, but I certainly did not expect him to do nothing.

... walked slowly, as one, retreated from Moscow.

The request did not appear to find favor with him.

You see! The man of action! He likes trouble. He asks for it.

Her behavior was perfect. There was nothing for her to do and she was doing it with quiet self-control, which won my admiration.

I was not prepared to go as far as this.

dreams must yield to facts

She gave me the impression of being a woman who wanted a good deal of the conversation, and who did not care how she got it.

I couldn't live on hints

to fling stones in the change

haste makes waste

There was a rush and scurry in the corridors of Mr. Crocker's brain, as about six different thoughts tried to squash simultaneously into main chamber where there's room for only one in time.

He was feeling hard-headed and practical, yet with a strong premonition that he was going to make a fool of himself just the same.

She did not intend to abandon a perfectly good suspicion merely because it began to seem unreasonable.

my opinion of you is a fixed thing

I saw that here was where soothing word was required.

When she wants you to do anything, you find yourself doing it.

Her face lit up in a tickled-to-death manner.

It was the last thing I would have done, if given the choice.

I told her more. In fact, I told her all.

It would be deceiving my public to say that for an instant I did not quail. I quailed, as matter of fact, like billy-o.

M. was plainly in jovial mood. He nearly always was and it was this unfailing euphoria of his that twisted the knife in Mr...'s bosom, he holding the view that a man who had chiseled his way into Suparba Llevellin Company as M. has done ought at least to have the decency to behave as if his conscience were gnawing him.

... but at his announcement the hope curled up and died.

But now comes the part where I need your never-failing sympathy, encouragement and device.

He met her and decided, that she was what the doctor ordered.

Now here's where the plot thickens.

The expression is new to me, but I gather its import.

I concede that in the matter of ... I did let myself get carried away a bit and acted in a manner calculated to draw raised eyebrows from the bar of public opinion, but all I could think of was that here was admirable opportunity of bending Lewellin Company to my will, so I bent him.

Now that you have shown me with such wonderful clearness where I went off the rails, I can see that it wasn't the right thing to do.

The opposition got me on a technicality what he was intending to convey, he said, was that the holy state was not a thing that prudent young men should jump into with a whoop and holler as is there were going to the Cannes Casino with their pockets full of money, because there were snags attached to it, which became visible only when it was too late.

Fortunately, I have been able to battle his sinister schemes, and ere long he's going to look sillier, than he does already.

to take s-dy cold

quickness of whose hand never failed to deceive the eye

D. winced. The episode to which he referred was one of which she did not care to be reminded.

I'm still not too sold on the idea.

"When gentlefolk meet," says Historian book of etiquette, "compliments are exchanged."

He was calm, cool and collected.

His air was that of one who has been wounded by a friend.

Her whole air was that of one about to compose what is technically known as a stinker.

"Butterwick," I said. "You have maligned a splendid man whom I love like a son. Go into silence, Butterwick, I'm not speaking to you."

Already he was suffering from the aliment known to the medical profession as heeby-jeebes, and any thing having appearance of a hitch in the program might lead to a total collapse.

for which she had respect amounting to reverence

... in a word all Nature smiled, but not so broadly as did Chimp.

Sitting now on a top of the world with a rainbow round his shoulder ...

- "It was harmless pleasantry".

Dolly becoming anatomical, told him what he could do with his harmless pleasantries. When stirred, she was inclined to become a little coarse.

I don't want any piece of it.

I had an idea. It is the fruit of long hours of intense thinking.

Old fashioned, yes. But it still sells tickets.

Very few things had the power to disturb him. Even his younger son could only do it occasionally.

He was keenly aware of the sunshine that poured down gardens and was yearning to pop out and potter among the flowers he loved. But no man pop he never so wisely can hope to potter with any good result if the world is a mere blur.

The same thought had occurred to him independently.

In his life intruded only one shadow, but it was a shadow of considerable proportions.

"Shocking young ass," interjected Mr.K., perking up for a moment at the recollection of the late lamented.

Greater scorn could hardly have been packed into two syllables.

his dreamy eye flitted to and fro

Lady C. left the room, and a deep masculine silence fell.

An idea - one might almost say an inspiration - had come to him.

The author of these book distinctly states in so many words ...

In state of profound dejection.

Between ourselves, I dropped 500$, bet why I drop it?

- Because you were infernal young ass.

-Well, yes, you might put it that way of course, but why was I an ass?

- Good God! Am I a psycho-analyst?

He had been prepared for imbecility, but this exceeded his expectations.


And then, where would he be? In the soup, undoubtedly.

All her life she herself had been joyously impecuniously, but that never seemed to matter. She was strong and adventurous and reveled in the perpetual excitement of truing to make both ends meet.

started to improve the occasion

Ah, Comrade ...! What have w on our mind?

I leave my future in your hands with light heart.

These trousers may sit well, but they don't. It is because the pockets are empty.

correct me if I'm wrong

But these words opened out such a vista of attractive possibilities that he had abandoned this tame program immediately.

In a mood which was a nice blend of elation and apprehension.

I recollect having a refreshing chat with Miss ... but I cannot recall saying anything calculated to bring the blush of shame to the cheek of modesty.

It is perhaps ungentlemanly desire to pull that curious female's leg.

... speaking slowly for women are apt to get things muddled.

I consoled him as best I could by telling him that it would probably have made you think all the more highly of him. I ventured the suggestion that girls worship rough dashing type of man. And, after I had done my best to convince him that he was a strong, rough dash man, I came away.

For there were no doubt in his mind that in a world congested to overflowing with girls she stood alone.

It is on these communities of taste that life-long attachment are built.

In this life, Comrade ..., we must always distinguish between the Unlikely and the Impossible.

First of these alternatives she declined to consider. As far as was ascertainable from his actions, F. declined just as resolutely to consider the second.

Eve's exasperation increased. She always had a curious fear, that one of these days if he went on proposing, she might say "Yes" by mistake.

She wished that there was some way knowing to science of stopping him once and for all.

Apart from the fact that I don't want to marry you, how can you marry anyone?

And if she had desired to check his lecture on finance, she could have chosen no better method than to look at him for meeting his gaze. F. immediately lost the thread of discourse and stood yammering. A direct hit from Eve's eyes always affected him in this way.

The first shock of looking into her eyes had passed, and he was now reveling in that occupation.

Will you marry me? What I mean to say is I worship very ground you walk on, and all that sort of rot ...

- "You don't want to marry a girl, who doesn't love you, do you?"

- "Yes, I do". - Said F. stoutly.

The more he thought about chances, the slimmer they appeared.

It's not for me to criticize, but as a matter of fact I was wondering when you were going to begin telling me all about your adventures I've been monopolizing the conversation.

... with a fervor, which, my poor vocabulary I cannot hope to express with.

"It is possible that black moments will come to you - for they come to all of us, even to the sunniest - when you will find yourself saying "Nobody loves me!" On such occasions I should like you to add "No, I am wrong, There is somebody who loves me." At first it may be that reflection will bring but scant balm. Gradually however, as the days go by and my nature unfold itself before you like petals of some timid flower beneath the rays of the sun..."

Eve's eyes opened wider. She had supposed herself incapable of further astonishment.

... only after that I decided that there was no other course open to the man of spirit

... and now the Fate in its impulsive way ...

And if they can hide it from me, they may keep it as birthday present.

..., but Fate, her friend, was still with her.

It was possibly the cool air playing about his ankles, that at last chilled the secretary's dashing mood and brought the disquieting thought that he was doing something distinctly dangerous in remaining out here in the open like this.

It is the opinion of most thoughtful students of life that happiness in this world depends on the ability to take things as they come.

I can't adapt circumstances to my will, but I can adapt my will to these circumstances.

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