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There was something worth looking at but it was not long before his astute mind had hit upon a possible explanation

the shock of discovering ... was alive

and such was indeed the case

The sentiment was one of which L.E. thoroughly approved. It made him feel that his B. was a man of taste and discrement.

to proceed, shelving the topic, which had never really gripped his interest.

He had long given up trying to fathom the mental processes of those about him.

There wasn't much of her but what there was good.

She was exhibiting symptoms of being overcome.

your own dial (face) is nothing to write home about

He was fond of this young peanut and he feared for her happiness.

The progress of sowing the good seed with his aunt had been attended by none of successes to which he had looked forward with such bright anticipation.

- I think so.

- There isn't question of thinking. You either got them or you haven't.

Good, right, fine, swell, capital, excellent, splendid!

This shattering blow to his hopes and dreams had temporary stunned him.

to be in serious danger of being written off as total loss

If anyone had told ... that his only hope was ..., he would have welcomed that suggestion as sound and decided to act upon it.

He had never lost sight of fact that ... was soluble.

At first the phenomena occasioned him no concern.

In the interval between ... and ... a new factor had come into affair.

but the illusion was extraordinary vivid

His spirits, which had been low, soared now to new heights.

to hazard the suggestion

But what is beauty after all?

... and SS, whose need in human sympathy was acute, ...

He said "Coo", and went on standing

This was the very question, which had presented itself to his mind.

a man of infinite resource and sagacity

That's sort of thing, which puts a man under obligation

.... - continued voice, speaking from the center of a rosy mist to the accompaniment of harps and lutes.

to be at the peak of vivacity.

to be a spirit of Mirth incarnate

She overcame the sudden quick desire to strike her nephew over his fat head with the nearest blunt instrument.

to feel a kindly benevolence towards the whole human species

spiritually he was gasping for air

to start with a perseverance, worthy a better cause

Probably, owing to his prompt measures, the moon had begun to shine again.

to be under no obligation to be sunny

trained to be lyrical

You wouldn't want a thing like that to spread any furter.

He couldn't leave matters as they stood.

to streak off like electric hire

thus healing rift and arriving at perfect understanding ...

the sort of girl who admires men who do things.

The motion picture, she conjured up made a profound appeal to him, and for some moments he sat running it off in his mind's eye.

He told story well and a far less intelligent listener than she would have had no difficulty in following the run of the plot.

his little friend had scouted the idea ...

nevertheless, it would be falsifying the facts to say ...

it had gone on the pension list

V. was as has been indicated not a very intelligent girl, but she was capable, if you give her time and did not bustle her, of rudimentary process of rationalization.

to be in buoyant mood

arriving at ... and discovering ...., she experienced a feeling of flatness and disappointment

There were so many things, she wanted to say first, that she had to pause to make selection.

But shall we just let it go, just forget all about it? We shall both feel easier and happier.

If you'll excuse me Guv'nor, I'll be reeling off. Got some rather heavy thinking to do.

was aware of a sudden access of hope

the no longer found any difficulty in assisting the process of identification...

this calls for a radical alteration in our plans

I thought you would be all eagerness to do your share.

His words left F. easier in his mind, but that mind, what there was of it, was still fogged.

If you can think of a better way of ..., I should be interested to hear it.

topic has reached saturation point

if country house visitor is not safe in his bedroom, one might just as well admit that civilization has failed and that the whole fabric of society is tottering.

a look of decision crept into his face

his manner betrayed unmistakable agitation

... with the sad resignation of a Russian peasant regretfully throwing his infant son to a pursuing wolf pack ...

He had never been blind to the fact that ...

there you are, one ..., as stated

filled to the brim with a milk of human kindness

The soundness of his reasoning was so manifest ...

The only barrier to a complete understanding on her part was the feeling that there must surely be some things of which her brother was not capable.

He spoke eloquently and well, and as his opponent also spoke eloquently and well at the same time ...

He recalled when ..., he had been seized by a strong conviction that ...., and to this view he still adhered.

F. said that it began to look to him as if there were no such thing as justice in this world.

The story is a long and complicated one

He endeavored to make these people see the light of reason.

it stimulated him to action like ...

a man, anxious to remove himself ...

poor human wreck with one foot in the grave and another sliding towards to it

The situation had arrived at what is commonly known as deadlock.

supposing .... he had been laughably in error

He had intended to say "scoundrel", but the world had escaped him in the heat of the moment.

you will be millionaire before you know where you are

You can hardly believe it, can you? A mere pittance.

There were times when his meaning was obscure

not so odd

everything has gone like a breeze

there's a sort of bright spot to this particular bit of trouble

you are right on all points

In this case appearances aren't deceptive, I am.

In fact, if, between 21 and 25th birthdays, I had one unselfish thought, or did genuinely unselfish action, my memory is a blank on the point.

But as he had not been sober at the moment, he had any intellectual pleasure my acquaintanceship might have afforded him.

I was conscious of being defiant against somebody. And I knew that the somebody was myself.

a four-in-the-morning tribute to the pathos of flying years

a voice, presumably mine, said "Yes"

Feeling kindly disposed towards Mr.... I wished to do him as little harm as possible.

He seemed more amused than annoyed

unknown dispenser of shocks

If Nature had made me so self-satisfied that I had lost A. because of my self-satisfaction why had she not made me so self-satisfied that I could lose her without a pang?

And then for some minutes all interest in the affairs of this world left me.

Very jovial and debonair I was that winter morning.

I suppose a not too intelligent moth has much the same views with regard to the lamp. His last thought as he enters the flame is probably one of self-congratulation that he has arranged his dealings with it on such a satisfactory common-sense basis.

to knew next to nothing

Something was happening to me. I had a curious sensation of being on the threshold of something wonderful and perilous.

I had ceased for a moment to be a reasoning creature. Looking back, I'm a little sorry for Mr...

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