Wodehouse Quotations

Civil but Adamant

a ministering angel


to go phut

the thing cut both ways

to buttonhole somebody

You think so, do you?

It seemed a good idea in that time

Constructive criticism, yes. Vulgar abuse, no.

And what had suddenly occured to me, as these ideas do, was that there was no reason now why I should not avail myself of s-dies services.

It was a good legal point, of course

to be seeking to commit mayhem on my person

my efforts to solve your problem were rewarded with success

to be like a cat on hot bricks

to be in a swivet

I may an ass but I'm not a silly ass

to be all in the funds

to keep up credit to the far end

to pay down on the nail


good shooter but bad hitter

to see how the time is getting along

to talk turkey

up-an-down spirit

to outsmart

to s-dy in touch with the recent developments

Oh, be yourself!

to wave the question aside

to the tick



things look sticky

this is no idle social call

a stark slice of life

to let bygones be bygones

that is how mistake arose

Are you trying to be funny?

the current pest

this opens up a new line of thought

the matters are getting beyond my grip

just lay to that

And there, my young friend, you have touched upon a sore object

You are marvel!

gentleman of leisure

I advice you to recognize the soundness of my advice

I want a word with you on a subject of

Does that convey any significance to your young mind?

-What was it all about?

-Oh, he made an ass of himself

this affair is beginning to assume an uncanny aspect

an accident is about to happen now

What's the use?

Soon it began to occur to me that it would be advisable to

Why did they let you out?

You hasn't a lag to stand on

to turn a deaf ear

to have something up the sleeve

don't trouble to try to look interested

a total loss of everything that makes life endurable

to turn over a new leaf

to be asking for troubles

I know what money is only by hearsay

Dream come true

The task appears to be well within the scope of my powers and I shall endeavor to fulfil it faithfully

That's life, Doc, that's living

My hero, did you kill him

try to sell this thought to s-dy else

He is more to be pitied than censured

What am I indebted for this?

Dear, , I am faced by a disaster so hideous that the mind reels contemplating it

Don't say such things even in fun

there you have me

may be down but never out

to fade out of the picture

generous to a fault

noblesse oblige

way of thinking


that's a cinch

subconscious dramatic sense

newer at a loss

It will tell story

When all's sad and done


lucid mind


What a predicament!

to put two and two together

with ref. to

horny-handed toiler

on excellent terms

slowness in the uptake

brooding on life

outlived its utility

- How's business?

- Rotten

All's well that ends well

poor outcast

sound in wind and limb

save a lot of anxiety

to reason with somebody

offensively rich

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