Wodehouse Quotations


Position is a bit tricky


Hell's Bell's

to get the loser's end

beans spiller

sticky going

... and then just try to luck

want to bet?

to stretch the facts a bit

armed at every point

anything goes



much obliged


pang of pity

I can die happy!

keep on keeping on

a look of quiet devotion

consider the point

condensing remarks to their minimum

to have no sort of chance from the start

it has all the fat

I fail to understand your meaning

farewell, ...., a fairest of your sex

Do you fill the bill?

sound in every respect

any little help I can provide is given freely

pots of money

sense of fitness

extenuating circumstances

to shot bolt

to marshal the facts

never at rest

major portion of mind

narrow-minded chump

it came to nothing

a trifle elaborate

not dead yet

quiet introspection

tried & proven

feast of reason and flow of soul

suspicion of silver lining

What's the use?

kick the beam

bully for you



sealed book

tough baby

rolling in stuff

full of beans

free from scruples


to keep it well in mind

you head ouhgt to be examined 

quick witted man

What seems to be the problem?

you aren't pulling my leg?

it's no good old top, abandon hope

Are you really going to make a fool of yourself?

to effervescence with spacious good will to all men

it's an awful fix

to be really a sport

boys will be boys

it sounds loony to me

to be all steamed up


silver tongued orator

if you don't speculate you can't accumulate

and now you take me into deep waters

I mind my own business

I have seen no evidence of it

Who cares?

depression claimed s-dy for its own

to have positive inside information to the contrary

You are laboring under a natural error

to be out of the question

a man of method


exercise a little discretion, sweetness 

there is something fishing going on

to be feeling ill used

the aching sense of the injustice of things afflicted me

to be feeling at sea

spasm of pure inspiration

And how is the world using you, Mr. ...?

Beggars should not be choosers

to be a bit out of date

to regard somebodies observations as unsaid


to turn up trumps

it now dawned upon me that ...

to be all over s-dy

it passed from my mind

as hard as nails

doing pointing of silver lining 

saintly sort of smile

s-dies word left no loophole for misunderstandings

I consider that highly offensive

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