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It is always my policy to look on the bright side, but in order to do that you have to have a bright side to look on, and under existing conditions there wasn't one.

Every day you seem to know less and less about more and more.

I wouldn't have said it if I could have thought of anything worse.

The gloom was swept from his face by a joyful smile.

I felt as if I had stepped on the place where the last step ought to have been but it wasn't.

Suffering does give a chap a sort of broader and most sympathetic outlook.

It helps you to understand other people's misfortunes if you've been through the same thing yourself.

Fellow follows me everywhere like Mary's lamb.

He had an uneasy feeling that it was too good to last.

The dog chased rats through dreamland.

When we are in a hurry we forget our better selves.

One man's peach is another man's poison.

A woman's whims have to be respected, however apparently absurd to the view of the more earthly male.

Jeeves's phrases

I endeavour to give satisfaction, sir.

I'm inclined to think so.

Will there be anything further?

I have been giving the matter considerable thought, sir, but so far without success.

I assure you, sir.

I endeavoured to make amends.

I have no cause to complaint.

Would it be too much if I asked you to give me a seat in a car, sir?

-just interesting phrases

I was asking for trouble

to fail smb's partner in his hour of need

smb's nearest and dearest

the game is not worth the candle

to be in the thick of things

iron hand in a velvet glove

pet subject

to catch the boss's eye

to heal the wound

he has surpassed himself

I'm fed up

stuffed to bursting point

to fish out

to skin to the bone

to give smb. a hard stare

to put all troubles in a great big box and sit on the lid and grin

he was in no mood for conversation

to be excluded from sharing a secret

the word(s) stuck in his throat

to twist the knife in the wound

a fleeting feeling

fellow follows me everywhere


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